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When is it too cold?

With winter in full swing we are starting to experience temperatures dropping well below freezing.

When do we know if the temperatures are too cold for our pet or if we can let them have all the snow time fun they want?

With our indoor/outdoor cats, they typically will tell us if they want to be in or not. Some of our cats prefer spring and summer weather and anything below 40 degrees is out of the question! While other cats might love to roll in the snow. Always make sure they are inside before the sun goes down to ensure they are warm and safe.

Walking our furry canines can be a great way to get outside in the winter, unless the temperatures drop too low. Our northern breeds designed for the cold can withstand lower temperatures than our short haired dogs. If you own a Husky, Malamute or a thick coated fluffy mixed breed pup they might be happy to nap in the snow! Whereas, if you own a Boston Terrier, Bully Breed, or a short haired dog they will be less likely to enjoy those freezing temperatures.

In some cases, if we are cold they are cold. While in other cases, if we are cold they are still panting and hot. There is not a "one-size-fits-all" temperature for our four legged family members so please take into consideration their coat thickness, their overall demeanor in the cold, make sure they are inside at night time and stay off salted side walks to save their paws. Coats and booties are great for the dogs that get cold easily but might be too much extra heat for those thick coated dogs!

At All Around Adventures we do not do walk in any weather below 10 degrees (but we take into consideration each dog we walk and make suggestions as we go! - some pups are too cold when the temperature drops below 20 degrees).

Stay warm out there and enjoy the winter weather to its fullest!

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