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Quick questions and answers for you to learn about everything we do at All Around Adventures!

Why Hire a Professional?

A professional will give you the peace of mind we all strive for when leaving our furry family members. At All Around Adventures we are insured, bonded and have extensive training and experience caring for pets. Keeping your pet in your home when you are gone will reduce stress not just for you but for your pet as well, resulting in a happier more relaxed experience.

Why Hire a Dog Walker?

We live much busier lives and are required to be away from our pets for long hours. Hiring a professional dog walker provides the much needed exercise and potty breaks your dogs need during those long hours alone. A tired dog is a happy dog, eliminate those destructive behaviors, boredom and potty issues by hiring a professional!

What Services do you Offer?

We offer a variety of services!

*Our dog related services are: on leash dog walking visits where we arrive at your home, leash up your pup and take them for a walk around your neighborhood for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. We also offer backyard play time/potty breaks. We will feed meals, no matter how intricate they may be, and distribute medications as needed.

*Our cat visits include 15, 30 and 60 minute visits where we feed meals, offer play time and socialization, distribute medications and empty litterboxes.

*Or we offer pet care visits when you are out of town whether you have a cat and/or a dog, or some other animal! We can water your plants while you are away, bring in your mail and packages and give you full peace of mind knowing that your home and your animals are being taken care of.

*We arrive at your home during requested time blocks: Morning (7am-10am) Midday (10:30am-2pm), Mid-Afternoon (2:30pm-4pm) and Evening (4:30pm-8pm)

**And you will receive photos, updates and message thru our personalized software.

What areas do you serve?

We currently service Missoula, Wye and East Missoula for all time blocks, and Lolo for morning and evening visits!

Will I always have the same walker/pet sitter?

We offer a free meet and greet with Kaeti before you begin services. You will not always have the same walker or pet sitter this is so that we can ensure constant uninterrupted care for your pets! For a fee you can meet any of the employees at All Around Adventures, or browse the About section to learn a little about each pet sitter!

Are there any extra fees or cancellation policies?

Our cancellation policy is relatively relaxed but if you cancel same day, or forget to cancel all together you will be charged the full fee. If All Around Adventures cancels your services for any reason you will not be charged!

Same day requests for services will result in a $5 fee and major holidays have fees from $5-$15 per visit.

We do not charge extra for multiple pets but will let you know if more time is needed to ensure the quality of our services are always up to standard.

Do you have an inclement weather policy?

We do! If the weather is deemed dangerous for us to be outside in for long periods of time we will be cancelling walks and doing potty breaks and inside play times as needed. The employees at All Around Adventures see anywhere from 5 to 15 dogs in a day, so a half an hour outside for your pup might not be difficult but 5 hours for us can be considered dangerous. If you prefer to cancel due to weather problems you will not be charged.

If the temperatures are over 90, or below 10, if there are wind gusts above 40mph or the sidewalks are too icy we will be cancelling on leash walks and replacing them with indoor play time and quick potty breaks outside!

We will still walk in rain, snow, sunshine and wind but will try to be mindful of our walkers when weather becomes a hazard!

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