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A New Year's Resolution for you and your Pet!

With 2024 off to a chilly start, being stuck inside has me thinking about ways to improve my dogs overall well-being. We make new years resolutions for ourselves, but this year I think we should all try to include our furry family member in our new year plans!

Whether you are trying to get in shape, eat better, get more sunlight or try grounding each day (take your shoes and sock off and feel the earth beneath your feet!) our pets can be included in most of those plans (I mean they already ground every single day of their life…)

If you need some extra ideas on some resolutions for your pet here are a few!

Diet and Nutrition

Widen their dietary horizon. Most of our pets eat the same kibble every day, maybe they get a variety of treats here and there, but overall, their diet is pretty bland. Try adding in some pet seasoning from PawTree on top of your dog and/or cat’s food for a little splash of flavor, or get them some pet bone broth to not only add flavor to their meal but to improve their coat, help their joints, and increase brain function. Adding in a daily probiotic to their diet can dramatically improve daily life (especially if you have yourself a stinky pet!) I have started adding in PawTree’s Freeze Dried dog food on top of my dog’s food in his puzzle feeder, to give him a little extra flavor, make his brain work a little longer during meal times and to add those extra vitamins and minerals his body craves!  If you’re looking for even more ways to improve your dog’s diet and nutrition, try experimenting with enriching their meals through adding wet food, freeze dried toppers and frozen options! Foods that have high-quality ingredients, don’t have any recent recalls and have a variety of flavors is a great place to start. If you don’t want to do the research yourself click this link to be brought to my previous blog post about pet nutrition!

Explore and Thrive

Search out new places to explore on your days off! Finding a new hiking spot, coffee shop, or swimming hole to explore together will deepen the bond you have with your pet and also let them expand their horizons and explore more of the world. Checking out our previous blog about hiking spots, using an app like AllTrails or going to the book store to pick up some hiking guide books are two great places to start your adventure journey! I plan to try to find 1 new spot to explore each month with my dog.. and maybe even bring my cat along!

The Obvious Resolution

And finally, one more resolution… I wouldn’t be a pet sitter if I did not mention hiring a dog walker a couple times a week! Hiring a dog walker can be a fantastic way to discover new outdoor spots for your dog to explore while you’re gone! A dog walker will help alleviate your pets boredom so they don’t find destructive behaviors to bide their time when you are gone! Dog walkers aren’t just there to burn energy; they offer valuable social interaction for your pup, helping them stay confident and well-adjusted. We socialize our puppies but don’t realize how important it is to continue to socialize them throughout their lives! Hiring a dog walking company is a great way to make sure your dog makes lots of new friends in a controlled and fun environment! Hiring a dog walker frees up your evenings to enjoy more relaxed quality time, your dog’s energy levels will be managed so your pet will be happy and relaxed until your home and not anxious that you are gone!

Exercise and nutrition are the key to a happy and healthy pet, adding in a few extra improvements to your 2024 resolution is a great way to bond with your pet while keeping them healthy to live as long as possible! Your resolution doesn’t need to be a huge overhaul of your life to be meaningful and to increase the overall wellbeing of you and your pet! Simply adding in an extra walk, some flavorful foods and hiring someone to help so you can enjoy the benefits of having a pet are easy ways to make your pet part of your new years resolution. Make 2024 the year of growing your relationship with your pet!

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